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Bathing your dog


Bathing your dog is a good idea!!!

Like us, without proper hygiene, pets can develop skin conditions that may cause redness, itchiness, odor, and even wounds. Fortunately, many skin conditions can be prevented with routine bathing and grooming.

Here are some simple, effective, and important hygiene tips for your pet.

Wash your pet’s bedding

Vacuum pet hair from furniture and floor

Be diligent about flea and tick prevention

Clean food and water dishes

Store pet food properly

Wash your hands after contact

Wash and replace pet toys

Clean Your Outdoor Space

And above all bathing plays an important role in the health of your dog. Regular Bathing Keeps Your Pet's Coat Clean and free of dirt, odor and parasites.The more often dogs are bathed, the less allergens they carry in their fur. Washing not only helps keep your dog at bay, but your allergies as well. Bathing your dog and using a good moisturizing dog shampoo can help keep your dog's coat nice and soft. Many dog owners will also use coconut oil or a natural conditioner after shampoo to retain moisture in their fur. The more often you bathe your dog, the less he will shed. If you are getting tired of vacuuming and picking up clumps of hair from your dog every day, frequent bathing after brushing your dog will help catch those loose hairs before they end up on your floor. A clean house for you! As you bathe your dog, this serves as a time to take a closer look at your dog to see if they are healthy. While bathing, be sure to check their ears, teeth, nails and skin to see if there is redness or anything unusual. This is also a good time to check for fleas, mites or lice so you can take care of these issues quickly. Bathing too often will not dry out a dog's skin or coat if the proper shampoo is chosen. While some shampoos, typically made with harsh chemicals, can dry out the skin or coat if used too much, organic shampoos containing natural oils are safe to use whenever needed. Many are specially formulated to encourage frequent bathing.

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