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Parasites and their SOLUTION

Ketosis and Related Problems

A Parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food from or the expense of its host.

Types of Parasites






5 Common Parasitic Animal Relationships




Lice & Helminths

The effect of parasites on the animal

Parasite feed on the food in the gut and on the blood of the bost The animal becomes weak & losses weight or does not gain weight.It can develop diarrhea,Which in sheep make the wool wet & attract files.

Eventually the host becomes so weak that it dies Young animals are specially affectd by it.

Where do animals get Paradise form Internal Parasites live in the blood or tissues inside an animals body some organism enter an animalwhen it swallows contaminated water or food.Other burrow through the skin reach the blood stream & settle in a preferred location to mature & reproduce its is clear that animals do have parasite

RSK Pharmacy, esatblished in the year 2012 has pioneered in treating almost all the major health issue concerning both small & large animals & thats too with Herbal formulation as we strongly belive that Animal & Humans too are responsive to natural processes & naturally gifted medicines.

We have Herbal Solution for all patrasites related illness in both big & small animals.For Internal parasites, We have developed Herbal deworming tablets names WORMHEAL.We have WORMHEAL Suspension too for small puppies.

For external Parasites, we have developed tablets given in all skin related parasites & problems like eczema then we have developed TICFIX Shampoo & TIFIX Spray for ticks Shampoo for dogs related problems, We have developed AAYUCURE,aerosol based to get rid of maggot fllies & lies

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